The Place:  Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Salad. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Build-your-own toppings bar!

The Mood: Sports bar feel with many nods to Italy. Many. Nods. And flat screen TVs. (Did I mention the sports bar feel?) 

The Crew: Well-meaning younglings.

The Chew: Great pizza. Excellent crust and sauce. They have their own vegan cheese (i.e. NOT daiya) and offer vegan sausage and chicken strips, not to mention a tons of veggie options like sautéed mushrooms. 

The Douse: Self-serve fountain pop. Fancy Italian canned pop. Beer and wine.

The Damage: Excellent value. 

The Deal: One of my favorite pizza places, despite the franchisey feel. Must try for vegans. 

“Sorry. I asked for arugula on my pizza.”

Address & Contact


808 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2S2, Canada