The Place: Legit made-to-order vegan pizza with quality ingredients.  

The Mood: Bright, stylish simplicity. Down-to-earth chic. 

The Crew: Could’ve been hipsters a decade back, now, simply professional, friendly and a little cheeky.

The Chew: Small menu but every item is a must-try. Bistro salads (think pears, arugula), excellent pizza selection of well thought out topping combinations, classic Italian desserts made vegan (cannolis, tiramisu, etc.). 

The Douse: Elementi fondamentali: local craft beers, wine, Italian soda, espresso.

The Damage: For most, not a manageable every day treat, but a weekly affair for sure. Offers excellent value considering the quality. 

The Deal: Prolly my new fav vegan pizzeria, a surprisingly competitive arena in Vancouver. *smiles in vegan*

“One tiramisu with two spoons?”

“That’s not what I said.”

Address & Contact


3240 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3M5