The Place:  Beloved locally-matured coffee shop.

The Mood: Sleek, flirting with sterile. Few tables. Simple outdoor seating with morning sunshine. 

The Crew: Dynamic!

The Chew: Very hearty breakfast burrito with tofu scramble, potatoes, and sausage crumble – an excellent vehicle for Valentina hot sauce. Vegan muffins and banana bread are all kinds of yes. Sells out fast. Be early.    

The Douse: Excellent local roast. Drip has acidic tones. If that vexes you, opt for the americano. 

The Damage: Typical for a local quality coffee shop. 

The Deal: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon chat. Great choice all around. 

“No, we didn’t forget. It is still in the press.”

Address & Contact


1209 Bidwell St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2K7, Canada