The Place:  Vegan-friendly Thai-stravaganza!

The Mood: Think Margaret Landon. With elephants. Lots of elephants.

The Crew: Professional. Hôtellerie-trained? Probably not, but could’ve fooled me.

The Chew: Excellent Thai courses. Can veganize almost any item. Must try the curry served inside a young coconut (don’t forget to scrape the sides). But really, every item is *mmmghwaaaaah* (i’m kissing my clustered fingertips, btw). If you’ve ever wanted to make-out with a blowtorch, try the spicy green papaya salad.

The Douse: Couple local beers on tap. Bottled, imported. Few, but memorable cocktails, notably the Sala-tini. The star though is the virgin Thai iced tea (hold the whip). A little on the sweet side but… Drink it!

The Damage: Not cheap but not crazy-pricey either. Great value considering the experience and quality.

The Deal: Always a treat. Great place to commemorate an occasion with friends and family.

“I’m still feeling it. You?”

“Yeah.” (sips water)

Address & Contact


888 Burrard St #102, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1X9