The Place:  Vegan-friendly Japanese fare. Bring your pesco-pals! 

The Mood: Minimalist, clean, medium-tones. 

The Crew: Courteous service. Soft-spoken or hard-to-hear… still deciding. 

The Chew: Simple dishes of well-prepared quality ingredients (real wasabi, guys). Doesn’t try to be anything other than wholesome. 

The Douse: Couple local beers. Some sake and plum wines. Roasted-rice green tea on the house.

The Damage: Portions might be shy for some. Affordable considering the high quality. 

The Deal: Deceptively unassuming place and menu. You will keep going back.  

“Me likey age-dashi.” 

Address & Contact


965 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3G5