The Place: Health food store franchise that coaxes the yuppy out of all us.

The Mood: Bright, medium-tone, pastoral pallet – a farmer’s market dissected by corporate design.

The Crew: Above average friendly and professional.

The Chew: Lush produce, bulk buys, specialty vegan brands. Hot and cold self-serve food, pared down at this location compared to the larger ones. And… VEGAN SCONES!!

The Douse: Cloudy kombuchas, non-centrifugally extracted juices, and they-make-milk-outta-thats!? No extra charge plant milks at the coffee counter. Everywhere else: take note!

The Damage: Despite the reputation, offers great value for many specialty vegan items. Self-serve can add up fast.

The Deal: Excellent choice for a group of picky eaters i.e. all of Vancouver.

“You’re still touching the scale. Further back, please. Stop looking at it.”

Address & Contact


1675 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C8